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Perucken24 Collection

The beauty boost with instant effects: Long, wavy hair! If you’ve always dreamed of having wonderful, long hair, but your own hair has refused to comply, now’s your chance: Simply order one to three wigs on account and try them out to see if you like your new look. Look like the stars!


The Hairpower collection from Ellen Wille stands out thanks to its unique design highlights and wonderful haircuts. Exquisite processing quality combined with brilliant colours reveal a new super class of second hair pieces.

Raquel Welch wigs

The Raquel Welch collection from Ellen Wille stands out thanks to its many breathtaking hair styles, from short and sporty to long and elegant! Raquel Welch, the US actress and model, presents exciting haircuts for every occasion in her Glitz & Glamour collection (including The NEW Glamour). Whether you’re out in the evening, or at work during the day: The fantastic Raquel Welch wigs always look wonderfully stylish and groomed!


The purepower collection from Ellen Wille comprises exclusively 100% real hair wigs. Although Ellen Wille’s Raquel Welch and Hairpower collections also include real hair wigs, the purepower collection is devoted exclusively to real hair: Perfect wigs for fans of real hair! What’s special bout the purepower models: They are all made from high-quality monofilament and hand-woven fabric which is so delicate and light that it sinks into the skin of the scalp. It looks as if the hairs are coming directly out of the skin of the scalp.

Revlon wigs

American wigs with flair! Few people know: The cosmetic giant Revlon also produces wigs. The Revlon brand stands for timeless elegance and expertise in hair and styling. Revlon wigs can be obtained from Fancy Hair. The wig manufacturer unites several high-ranking brands under one roof. Revlon wigs stand out thanks to their fine hair made from high-quality artificial fibres and the way that the hair falls, beautifully and naturally. From lace wigs to monofilament wigs, you’ll find a wide variety of processing types in the Revlon collection. Do you have any questions? Then give us a call! We’ll be happy to advise you.

Ellen Wille Perucci

Wigs from Ellen Wille THE HAIR Company GmbH! Wig manufacturer Ellen Wille describes her stylish wig collection, Perucci, as young, bold and uncompromising. This name covers affordable ready-to-wear models, which fit 99% of heads first time, since there is a small band located inside the wig which can be used to tighten or loosen it. Just put it on and feel great! Why not try one right away?

Fancy Hair Noriko

Wigs from Fancyhair! Noriko brand wigs for women from Fancyhair stand out thanks to their beautifully layered haircuts. If you’re looking for a wig that falls naturally and which softly frames the face, then a Noriko Claire Mono model is the right wig for you. This wig is suitable as both a fashion piece and as a “medical wig”. Medical means that this wig is particularly suitable if you need a hair replacement piece due to chemotherapy or due to other health-related hair loss. On the crown of the wig there is a special fabric through which it is possible to see the skin of scalp, just like a natural hair style. By contrast, a lace wig makes it impossible to see through the thick hair. Try it for yourself and see the difference!

Essential Perücken

The new Fancyhair wig collection! Exciting, fantastic wigs, hair pieces, hair fillers and hair replacement innovations - all of these can be found in the new Essential Collection from Fancy Hair. Have you heard of the wonderful Essential wigs with double-mono tops? Mono stands for monofilament, a particularly fine fabric which is used in the crown section of the wig - where the hair parts. It ensures that the hair style looks truly natural because the skin of the scalp can be seen through the monofilament fabric. The double-mono top is of a particularly high quality, because it not only looks natural, but it also extremely comfortable. No scratching and no pinching! You’ll barely notice that you’re wearing a wig. How about the stylish new Essential Rihanna Mono model with fringe?

Annica Hansen Perücken Kollektion by Ellen Wille

Stylish Annica Hansen wigs from classic to cool to chic!

Hairmania Men's Collection

Comfortable Hairmania wigs from Ellen Wille are made especially for men’s heads. While wigs for women are rounded at the forehead and generally smaller, Hairmania wigs for men offer an extra masculine shape which will never look the slightest bit feminine. The men’s wigs are available in natural colours such as blond with grey (M36s) or brown with grey (M34s). The reason why this range does not include the colour black is due to the fact that pure black shades often appear very artificial, instead the darkest shade is usually M2s which is a deep, dark brown.

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