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Gisela Mayer hair pieces - a new look and incredible volume

It’s magical to watch Gisela Mayer hair pieces transform your look. A serious bob at the office in the morning, a jaunty pony tail on your afternoon run and glamorous long tresses for your date in the evening - all thanks to the multifaceted hair pieces from Gisela Mayer - all in a single day. Discover a diverse world of products which will lead the way, helping you to rediscover yourself every day. Whether you want to surprise your other half with a completely new look or simply want more volume - the right hair piece is waiting for you. Just select your chosen fastening, such as a decorative clasp or a barely visible clip, insert it into the hair and enjoy a glossy appearance. Gisela Mayer hair pieces are inspired by current international trends and bring these to you, at home.

As diverse and varied as life itself

Focussing on personal interest when it comes to Gisela Mayer hair pieces, motives for choosing them are as wide-ranging as life itself. If you find your current hair style too boring, avoid the salon because this often leads to radically different new cuts. With a hair piece, you’re free to try out the most imaginative styles until you find the one that’s right for you. In no time at all, the smart clip-in highlights create a long mane that would require years of natural growth. With a few adjustments, you can make your hair noticeably thicker, if your own hair has become thin or sparse for any reason. Distinctive plaits create a breathtaking effect and are available in a huge range of designs. From jaunty, straight ponytails to a luxurious, braided plait, we’ve got everything you need to have fun with some carefree experimentation. Nothing can go wrong. Thanks to the integrated clips, these special, uncomplicated Gisela Mayer hair pieces can be easily removed and reattached elsewhere. Try out the striking effect of the fringe hair pieces for yourself. These can be quickly clicked into place without having to undergo months of transitions. You can pull off a glamorous perfection with the collection’s magnificent pieces. If you’re planning a big appearance, take a look through the long, curly or elegant, wavy hair pieces. A masterful festive updo is within your reach thanks to Gisela Mayer hair pieces.

Gisela Mayer hair pieces help solve problems with hair on top of the head

It is depressing for many people when the hair on the top of the head becomes increasingly thin but the hair at the back and sides remains thick. Which is why it always comes to this: You’re not alone in this. Gisela Mayer top-filler hair pieces cover this tricky area perfectly and blend harmoniously into your own natural hair. This is possible thanks to the feather-light gauze material at the base which blends seamlessly into your own hair. Top-fillers are attached with special clips or one of the alternative fastenings which we provide for you in our shop. These sophisticated Gisela Mayer hair pieces are available in a wide variety of colours, making the problem of thinning top hair a thing of the past. You may choose a hair piece made from real hair which you can colour to precisely your own shade.

Gisela Mayer hair pieces beat extensions

Extensions used to be the ‘non-plus-ultra’, the quickest way to achieve the length or volume of hair that you wanted. It was often disappointing because once they had been sealed into the hair, the extensions would have to remain in for a long time. Gisela Mayer hair pieces are far more flexible. They can be changed every day because of the unique fastening method - with a clip or hair band. You can follow the latest trends depending on your mood. Today you’re sporting a romantic Afro look, tomorrow a Catwalk model in pink and you’re creating a buzz the day after that with an asymmetrical fringe. Extensions cannot give you the freedom to change the colour or length of your hair from one day to the next. Dynamic Gisela Mayer hair pieces inspire you to discover the look that makes you feel great.

Real hair or artificial hair

Gisela Mayer hair pieces set the standard for hair quality You can choose between high-quality real hair and low-maintenance artificial hair. Each quality of hair has its own advantages. A hair piece made from real hair can do anything that your own hair can do. You can straighten it, blow dry it, colour or curl it to your heart’s content. Gisela Mayer real hair pieces feel wonderfully natural and look natural too. However, they need greater care and are more expensive up front. By contrast, artificial hair is easier to care for, available in a range of intense, radiant colours and does not need restyling after every wash. Artificial hair pieces are also more affordable. Of course, the flexibility of real hair doesn’t count for much when you consider the fact that neither the colour nor the style can be changed. When you consider the advantages and disadvantages of both hair qualities, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Gisela Mayer hair pieces bring all their impressive attributes to the table and you must make your own, personal decision when it comes to which one to buy.

Proper hair care is the clincher

It’s important that Gisela Mayer hair pieces receive loving care in order to help them maintain their unbeatable quality for years to come. If you wear the hair piece every day, it should be washed every three to four weeks. Use a special shampoo for the piece because these are perfectly adapted to the hair’s special needs. The water should be no hotter than lukewarm, artificial hair should ideally be washed in cold water. Avoid rubbing the hair. Simply swing it gently from side to side. Then carefully rinse the hair piece in clean water. Pamper the hair piece with a nurturing cream, then wrap in a hand towel to dry. Under no circumstances should the hair piece be combed before the hair product is applied. The more carefully you wash the piece, the better. Gisela Mayer hair pieces should never be wrung out. Real hair can be blow-dried but artificial hair must be left to air dry.

Who is Gisela Mayer?

Gisela Mayer hair pieces are developed by a family company which has been active in the German and international markets for over 50 years. It produces high-quality wigs, hair pieces and turbans at its headquarters in Memmingen. A team of experts works daily to realise the current trends in hair fashion with the latest technology.

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