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Gisela Mayer wigs - Quality products from a traditional manufacturer with 50 years of market experience

Gisela Mayer wigs stand out thanks to their colour brilliance, long-lasting durability and diversity of models for men and women alike. The range includes models with short, mid-length and long hair in all natural colours. They comprise real hair, artificial hair and heat-resistant, synthetic hair. As well as wigs, the company produces hair thickeners, toupees, part replacement pieces and tailor-made special sizes. All their wigs are of a high quality, easy to care for and individually stylable. STASSI offers comprehensive advice on any topic relating to hair replacement: this includes telephone and e-mail.

About Gisela Mayer wigs

The company Gisela Mayer Hair Collection has been one of the European market leaders for toupees, hair pieces and wigs for over 50 years. Trends and technology are important for this versatile range of hair couture. The long-lasting monofilament models are 100% woven from heat-resistant materials: from real hair or high tech fibres. Therefore, the hair used for all Gisela Mayer wigs is heat-resistant meaning that it can be straightened, curled or styled however the customer prefers. Gisela Mayer Designs also provides necessary regular care for hair replacements pieces. When it comes to colours, the second generation of this family company works with all natural hair colours - from very light to very dark, or light with dark roots. The designers from this brand place great important on ensuring that the ladies’ wigs can be changed as often as the wearer likes. If you cannot afford these prices, you’ll find a comparable style in the comprehensive collections which is ready to wear. A special feature of the Gisela Mayer brand is the root effect. A light gauze is used to make artificial wigs look natural, even those without fringes. The range also includes hair fillers which can be worked into the wearer’s own hair.

The current range from Gisela Mayer wigs

The current range of Gisela Mayer wigs includes smart short hair models made from real hair in red, brown, black and fair colours. These ladies’ wigs include some with fringe and some without. Be it a business look or an elegant style for a refined evening, casual waves or poker-straight sides for a precise outfit - short wigs look just like your own hair and are comfortable to wear. Shoulder-length Gisela Mayer ladies’ wigs swing and fall naturally, are available in brilliant colours and their hand-woven styles can hardly be told apart from real hair. Gisela Mayer wigs has an even more extensive range when it comes to long hair. These include thick, voluminous manes, soft-falling ladies’ wigs and styles which are intentionally made very fine in order to imitate natural, fine hair. Of course, the collections also include streaked looks, a long-lasting trend for long hair styles. The Gisela Mayer range also offers a large selection of refined wigs for men. Be it blond or brown, full ready-to-style wigs satisfy every wish for inconspicuous hair replacement.

Gisela Mayer wigs made from real and artificial hair

Real hair models are best for style and normal care. It is best to use a high-quality shampoo designed for real hair wigs, and special care treatments are also available. The wigs can then be straightened or waved. It is recommended that you purchase a wig stand for styling, drying and storing, as well special combs or brushes. Special conditioner can be sprayed onto the damp hair to create a new style or revert to the original style. This allows the individual hairs to achieve the desired shape better after drying. Gisela Mayer’s synthetic hair is more affordable and easy to care for. For artificial hair wigs, our specialist shop offers shampoo and care products to help maintain synthetic hair styles. Ideally, these models require a stand for drying, combing and styling. Heat-resistant high-tech fibres can be blow-dried and treated with straighteners.

Woven hair for partial hair replacement or filling in

Alongside its wigs, Gisela Mayer also offers hair pieces which effectively fill in thin patches on the crown, top of the head, nape of the neck or on the head more generally. It is important to take great care when choosing the right colour. Because even the most natural real hair or artificial hair can only look inconspicuous if the colour exactly matches one’s own hair colour. A partial wig can be worn as a temporary or long-term hair piece. Products in the Gisela Mayer collections are particularly long-lasting, meaning that with regular care, you can enjoy your new hair style for many years to come. Men who wish to fill in certain areas of their hair can find partial hair replacements from among a wide range of colours and sizes, Gisela Mayer also produces special sizes. As well as looking natural, a second hair piece must sit securely, so that it’s comfortable to wear. Tip: Sometimes it is advisable to purchase one model in two tones. This allows nuances between one’s own brown hair and a darker, artificial model to be stylishly concealed.

Gisela Mayer wigs at STASSI

Customers considering purchasing a second hair piece often have no exact idea of how wigs appear on the head, nor of price differences or of the difference between wigs manufactured from real or artificial hair. STASSI has a knowledgeable advisor on hand for this reason. This person deals with individual manufacturers, care, differences in quality and hair colours. One of the quality features of the monofilament models from Gisela Mayer is that they are completely hand-woven. In the age of industry, hand-weaving also means a solid bond between the wig cap and the synthetic hair or roots made from real hair. So far, no other manufacturing method has been able to outdo this quality. Gisela Mayer also produces high-quality braids, wigs with lace fronts which make for a natural look, and hair pieces.


Gisela Mayer wigs are available in extensive collections, from short hair styles to shoulder-length hair replacement pieces, to wonderful long hair models. This manufacturer has been a market leader for over 50 years. Find out more about the variety of products at STASSI and order a range of models to try at home. You can try out the wigs in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home and decide which suits you best.

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