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Hair Pieces

Hair Pieces

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Gisela Mayer hair pieces - a new look and incredible volume

It’s magical to watch Gisela Mayer hair pieces transform your look. A serious bob at the office in the morning, a jaunty pony tail on your afternoon run and glamorous long tresses for your date in the evening - all thanks to the multifaceted hair pieces from Gisela Mayer - all in a single day. Discover a diverse world of products which will lead the way, helping you to rediscover yourself every day. Whether you want to surprise your other half with a completely new look or simply want more volume - the right hair piece is waiting for you. Just select your chosen fastening, such as a decorative clasp or a barely visible clip, insert it into the hair and enjoy a glossy appearance. Gisela Mayer hair pieces are inspired by current international trends and bring these to you, at home.

As diverse and varied as life itself

Focussing on personal interest when it comes to Gisela Mayer hair pieces, motives for choosing them are as wide-ranging as life itself. If you find your current hair style too boring, avoid the salon because this often leads to radically different new cuts. With a hair piece, you’re free to try out the most imaginative styles until you find the one that’s right for you. In no time at all, the smart clip-in highlights create a long mane that would require years of natural growth. With a few adjustments, you can make your hair noticeably thicker, if your own hair has become thin or sparse for any reason. Distinctive plaits create a breathtaking effect and are available in a huge range of designs. From jaunty, straight ponytails to a luxurious, braided plait, we’ve got everything you need to have fun with some carefree experimentation. Nothing can go wrong. Thanks to the integrated clips, these special, uncomplicated Gisela Mayer hair pieces can be easily removed and reattached elsewhere. Try out the striking effect of the fringe hair pieces for yourself. These can be quickly clicked into place without having to undergo months of transitions. You can pull off a glamorous perfection with the collection’s magnificent pieces. If you’re planning a big appearance, take a look through the long, curly or elegant, wavy hair pieces. A masterful festive updo is within your reach thanks to Gisela Mayer hair pieces.

Gisela Mayer hair pieces help solve problems with hair on top of the head

It is depressing for many people when the hair on the top of the head becomes increasingly thin but the hair at the back and sides remains thick. Which is why it always comes to this: You’re not alone in this. Gisela Mayer top-filler hair pieces cover this tricky area perfectly and blend harmoniously into your own natural hair. This is possible thanks to the feather-light gauze material at the base which blends seamlessly into your own hair. Top-fillers are attached with special clips or one of the alternative fastenings which we provide for you in our shop. These sophisticated Gisela Mayer hair pieces are available in a wide variety of colours, making the problem of thinning top hair a thing of the past. You may choose a hair piece made from real hair which you can colour to precisely your own shade.

Gisela Mayer hair pieces beat extensions

Extensions used to be the ‘non-plus-ultra’, the quickest way to achieve the length or volume of hair that you wanted. It was often disappointing because once they had been sealed into the hair, the extensions would have to remain in for a long time. Gisela Mayer hair pieces are far more flexible. They can be changed every day because of the unique fastening method - with a clip or hair band. You can follow the latest trends depending on your mood. Today you’re sporting a romantic Afro look, tomorrow a Catwalk model in pink and you’re creating a buzz the day after that with an asymmetrical fringe. Extensions cannot give you the freedom to change the colour or length of your hair from one day to the next. Dynamic Gisela Mayer hair pieces inspire you to discover the look that makes you feel great.

Tips for buying your first hair pieces

When selecting your first hair pieces, many questions arise - relating not only to the material, but also the style. Should you choose the style that you have preferred until now, or should you choose an entirely new one? These questions are especially important if the wig is to be worn for medical reasons and used as a temporary or long-term replacement for your real hair. Generally, it is recommended that your first wig doesn’t differ too much from your own hair. This maintains your look and your friends and family will often not realise that you’re wearing hair pieces. This is why it is beneficial to choose a colour and quality similar to your own hair, to create a comparable look. However, if you want to change your look and choose a completely new style, you are free to choose a brand new image. It’s important to consider your skin type. Not all colours will work with your skin colour. Only when these things are in harmony will the hair pieces appear natural. So we recommend that customers with fair skin choose lighter-coloured wigs. This makes your complexion look fresh and healthy. Hair pieces differ in several ways, for example cut, colour and shape. If you try them out, you will quickly find the right model for you. Not all wigs are suitable for all head shapes. That’s why our online shop allows you to select one to three hair pieces to try in the comfort of your own home.

Well-known model ranges and manufacturers

If you’re looking for an artificial hair wig that can be styled, Ellen Wille’s Futura models are the perfect choice. They are made from stylable Fiber Twist artificial fibres. You’ll also find other models from popular manufacturers, such as Gisela Mayer and Fancy Hair, in our online shop.

Modern and classic styles

Hair pieces are the height of individuality. They are available in different cuts and colours and can also be changed in almost any way to suit you. They’re flexible and create new, creative styles. You’ll find both fashionable short hair styles and elegant styles for festive occasions among our range. Hair pieces are suitable for both short-term and spontaneous use and long-term use. You can change your style using high-quality models and adapt your style to every occasion. It’s important to choose the right material and the right cap for you, to help achieve that perfect look and comfort.

Tresses of hair

Beneath each tress is a cotton band which holds the hairs together in clusters. They are stitched into the band. When several of these cotton bands are combined, this creates a wig cap. This forms the base of the wig. The advantages of this type of manufacturing lie in its relatively low price, high volume and good hair thickness. A tress wig is suitable for anyone looking for a modern wig.

Monofilament tress wig

People who choose wigs for medical reasons often choose a monofilament tress wig. The cap is made from monofilament fabric and lace. Generally, monofilament fabric is located in the top section of the wig so that the hair pieces look authentic. This material makes it possible to individually style the hair without losing that natural look. Another advantage of monofilament is that fact that the fabric is translucent. This means that the hair pieces appear as if the hair is growing out of the head, contributing to the natural look of the piece. In contrast to tresses, the hairs are woven next to each other. This is a particularly high-quality material which is comfortable to wear and weighs very little.

Part monofilament wigs

In part monofilament wigs, the crown area is finished with monofilament fabric. This region is important for the overall look of the wig as this is where the hair on the upper head parts and where the scalp is visible. The fabric shows through and creates a natural look. This can be an elongated or point-shaped crown area.

Hand-woven hair pieces

If a hair piece is “hand-woven”, it is made from a fine tulle fabric. The hairs are individually hand-woven into the material. This makes it very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It also creates a realistic and natural look. In contrast to monofilament fabric, hand-woven wigs exhibit a slightly rougher design, as the hairs are generally woven less tightly. The advantage of these hair pieces is comparative to the advantages of monofilament wigs, as they also allow the skin of the scalp to be seen through the hair. You will also enjoy the warmth of a second hair piece, as the hairs are evenly distributed and have good heat-saving properties. This creates an authentic feel for the wearer, which is why these hair pieces are particularly popular.

Hand-woven monofilament hair pieces

In these wigs, monofilament fabric is used in the head area. The rest is made from hand-woven tulle. The benefits of this are a natural look and great comfort. You will also benefit from a good hold and the wig is barely noticeable. It is as if it is your own hair. It’s also possible to create a variety of styles, for example updos or plaits.

What is the difference between a wig and a toupee?

A toupee is a hair replacement piece or a semi-wig. It serves to conceal partial hair loss and is often worn by men with bald patches or receding hairlines. By contrast, a classic wig is used to cover the entire head. Hair pieces integrate into the existing hair and can, for example, create a fringe or side fringe. For this reason, they must be chosen with one's existing hair in mind, which often requires the customer to try them on for comparison.

Hair extensions - long hair in no time

Hair extensions allow you to change your appearance in a matter of seconds, giving you long, full hair. Modern bonding creates a natural look and is barely perceptible to the wearer. This creates a high level of comfort and you can enjoy long hair for longer, without the stress. Hair extensions may be made from artificial or real hair. Method for hair extensions Different methods are used for hair extensions, these can roughly be split into hot, cold and mechanical methods. For example, the new hair can be attached to one’s own hair using the laser method or with heat.

Caring for hair pieces

The care required by a wig depends on the material. Real hair wigs should be washed every 1-3 weeks, depending on the frequency of wear and build-up of perspiration. Wash your wig with cold or lukewarm water and mix with a specially-designed shampoo for wigs. This cleans the hair piece of its own accord. It is important not to rub the hair because causes stress and wear and tear to the fibres. Finally, rinse out the shampoo with cold water. After washing, apply a care product to the wig to help the hairs maintain their gloss and silky-soft feel. Artificial hair wigs or hair pieces should be washed with cold water, a specially-designed shampoo is also necessary. Most manufacturers recommended washing wigs and hair pieces every two to four weeks. We offer suitable products for post-wash care, which should be used to keep the hair pieces looking good and help them last longer.

Attaching hair pieces

Hair pieces and wigs can be attached in a variety of ways, for example, they can be attached using toupee plasters, adhesive bands or adhesive strips. Attachment clips or anti-slip silicon bands are suitable for this. Depending on the type of adhesive you choose, you will also need to find an appropriate solvent or adhesive remover. “Cleaners” remove adhesive residue from the scalp and cap and should be compatible with your skin. It is also recommended that you use skin protection products which care for the skin of the scalp.

Maintaining hair health

Regardless of whether you wear a wig, a hair piece or a toupee, it’s important to support the health of your hair. Hair fillers have proven themselves on this. These products strengthen the hair and help increase volume. Care products often contain keratin which supports the thickening of the hair and makes for a voluminous appearance.

The order process in the online shop

In our online shop, you’ll find a wide range of different models from which you can select one to three to try for yourself. You will receive your hair pieces via DHL and will be able to choose the model you like best. For the other two hair pieces, we include a return sticker so that it’s easy to return any unwanted pieces to us.

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