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Ladies’ wigs - second hair styles and hair replacement with a natural look

Ladies’ wigs offer a quick alternative for a second hair style. They can be used to change style or accents, or used as hair replacement for thin hair or hair loss, giving you a new quality of life. Thanks to their innovative materials and weaving methods, ladies’ wigs now have a natural look, equal to natural hair in every way.

Ready in no time thanks to your second hairdo

Beautiful hair and a well-placed hairdo contribute significantly to your happiness and self-confidence. If the hectic speed of daily life leaves you with little time to create the perfect hair style, simply pick up a wig. And if you like to try out a variety of styles and express all the different facets of your character, high-quality ladies’ wigs offer a great opportunity to experiment with hair colour and style. You can choose from short, mid-length or long wigs. Curly, wavy or straight - ladies’ wigs let you create a change in minutes.

Wigs as hair replacement

Ladies’ wigs are also often used as a replacement for one’s own natural hair. Certain circumstances can lead to sparse, thinning hair or total hair loss. Ladies’ wigs offer an uncomplicated and discreet alternative, be it temporary or long-term.

Naturalness is the clincher

There are several options when it comes to selecting a material for ladies’ wigs. A 100% hand-woven wig made from natural hair offers the best natural look. The hairs are individually woven into monofilament on the top of the head. Monofilament is a fabric that is almost invisible on the skin. It is barely possible to differentiate between the wig and the natural hair growth and the lightness of the material also provides comfort for the wearer.

Advantages and disadvantages of real hair

Ladies’ wigs made from real hair look more natural and feel more authentic than wigs made from artificial hair. With good care, they also last much longer. Real hair can be coloured, curled and combed out. However, it must be restyled after every wash and is therefore more expensive artificial hair, as upkeep is considerably more expensive.

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial hair

Artificial hair retains its original look, even after washing. It’s also good value for money and easy to care for, but it does require a special shampoo. It does not last as long as real hair and is sensitive to friction. Natural hair is therefore better for long hair worn loose which is likely to come into contact with bags and clothes.

Hairpower - hard-wearing ladies’ wigs

Another variety is shapable artificial hair which is made of very hard-wearing fibres, which can be found in the Ellen Wille Hairpower collection. The fibres look like real hair and have a natural sheen; The fibres are heat-resistant and can be styled and combed out. The style lasts until the fibres are treated with heat again. The collection scores highly with its popular hair styles. They are available in subtle tones and popular cuts which give them a fresh look.

Ladies’ wigs from perücken24

If you wanted to gain experience in wearing modern ladies’ wigs, you wouldn’t want to do without your second hairdo. Real or artificial hair, long or short, curly or straight - you choose what’s best for you. At perücken24, you can order several models to try out in the comfort of your own home.

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