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Straight, easy to maintain and authentic: The wig for sophisticated needs

Only a high-quality wig looks natural and similar to real hair. So it’s important to make the right choice, one that suits each customer individually. This depends on the customer’s own hair, eye colour, complexion and, naturally, his or her individual taste. If you’d like a straight wig, there are a variety of models available. You can choose between synthetic varieties, real hair and blends.

Why we wear wigs

The reasons for choosing a wig can be very varied. Sometimes, a finished, styled wig is the more comfortable option for frizzy, untameable hair, sometimes it can help out with thinning hair. An authentic wig can help give you full, beautiful and healthy-looking hair. Today, wigs are manufactured to such a high quality that they can be put on easily, worn comfortably and no longer slip or slide.

Which is the right wig for you?

The range of straight hair wigs is so extensive that it’s not always easy to find the right wig for you. A valuable tip for choosing the best model is to consider the period of time when you will be wearing the wig. If it is only temporary, you may consider a wig made from artificial hair. Since these are typically more affordable and easier to care for. If you require a wig for a longer period of time, we recommend a model made from real hair. The cost is higher, but you benefit from its special, authentic qualities: It can be worn in the shower, while swimming or in bed. Alongside our real hair and synthetic varieties, you can also choose from our stylable artificial hair or blends with 50 per cent real hair.

Manufacturers and collections

Diverse collections from several designers are available for your perusal. The popular Gisela Mayer brand offers wigs with real styles. In one of her collections, the current Modern Hair Collection, she offers the high-quality Ladieshair model, which is masterfully styled and shines with the latest colour nuances. The models are woven in delicate Mono lace. Another collection from Gisela Mayers is specially adapted for men: the Men Line collection. For comfortable wear, individual artificial and real hairs are finely woven into wigs and toupees. Another sought-after brand is Fancy Hair wigs. The second hair pieces in these collections are fashionable and on trend. The designers place great important on high customer satisfaction. The Noriko collection covers wigs ranging from short to long, with Top Mono, Part Mono and Lace weaving. An enormous range of attractive wigs from diverse designers awaits you at STASSI. Get to know the authentic and easy-maintenance wigs from other designers, such as Raquel Welch or Annica Hansen.

Wigs are manufactured in a variety of ways.

Different manners of manufacturing bring different qualities for the wearer. You can choose from Mono Lace, Lace, Part Mono, Mono Hand-woven, Mono Roots and Hand-woven. The Lace comprises several parallel cotton lace pieces into which the hair is mechanically woven. Thanks to the lace, the wig fits the head perfectly. It also gives the hair a boost and provide extra volume. Another advantage of the lace is the breathability: Air is able to circulate underneath the wig, keeping the wearer comfortable. Hand-woven wigs offer a high degree of comfort, which is great for the sensitive skin of the scalp. These are, as the name suggested, woven by hand. Most straight hand-woven wig models are very light.

Which length and size would you like?

The lengths of straight wigs range typically from short to mid-length to long. There are also custom-fit sizes just for you: With extra small or extra large wigs in straight, you’ll no longer need to worry about slipping or pinching.

Care products for wigs

Every wig needs different care, depending on the model and material. Real hair wigs and artificial hair wigs are washed with special shampoo and require a special cream. This limits the risk of matting and drying out. At STASSI, we want to offer you our free care guide for wigs. You can request this via our website.

You love straight hair, but sometimes you fancy soft, flattering waves.

A wig made from real hair or stylable artificial hair may be the right one for you. Special artificial hair fibres are heat-resistant up to 160 degrees Celsius and are perfect for styling. Soft waves or wild curls, you can use a curling iron to do whatever you want with your wig. If you fancy going back to straight hair, you can change back quickly and easily using a straightening iron. Whether you choose soft waves or sleek and straight hair, it’s up to you and your mood.

With accessories, your straight wig will stay beautiful for longer.

In order to keep your wig looking as great as it did on day one, an additional range of accessories is available for you in our shop. We recommend a bust for drying and storing the wig. A plastic wig stand which looks like the head of a manikin. The wig is safely tucked away and won’t lose its shape. You can also discover a variety of busts and combs. If the hair is straight, it’s worth purchasing a bust. If your wig has a particular style, it will be easier to comb on a bust. The same applies: The wavier the hair, the further apart the teeth of your comb should be. Antistatic combs and busts are always advantageous for straight, curly or soft wavy hair, because the hair doesn’t become electrified. Accessories include hair strips, adhesives, clips, and other styling products.

Straight wigs at STASSI

At STASSI, we offer a large range of straight wigs. Whether you want restrained, natural or striking: A huge selection is waiting for you! We also have comprehensive advisors on hand to help you with any questions you may have about our wigs. And if you require a prescription for your wigs, you can file this with us and we will take on the transaction for you.

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